Style Bazaar Sydney

Style Bazaar

Taking shopping to the next level.

What if there was a place where gals came together to not just shop their favourite bloggers’ pieces, but also to have an incredible time with their besties. Or by themselves. A place where they get to know their favourite fashionistas and various brands in a different way – in a fun, unique and engaging way. A place where brands become people, too. Where they get the chance to tell their story and what makes them different to all the other brands out there.

Help the environment

Why buy new when you can save up to 80% for the same piece? Plus, recycling is much better for the environment. So, you’re saving money and doing good at the same time!

Support small local businesses

All participating brands have the same vision: to enhance your life by delivering high quality products while saving the environment. Support those who care about you & our planet.

Meet & connect with Sydney’s influencers

Meet & chat with the girls you follow on Instagram and get their stylish pre-loved pieces at a bargain price!

Have a great time with your bestie(s)

What’s better than getting your hair & nails done, eating, drinking & laughing with your girls? The best part: buy 4 tickets or more and save 15%!

We give back

Donate clothes or cash at our event and we’ll give it to a local non-profit organisation who helps those who need it.


We want to make sure you’re having the best time and getting the most out of your money, that’s why we included heaps of amazing extras in your ticket – no extra costs!

  1. Drink on Arrival
  2. Goodie bag for the first 100 attendees
  3. Hair Station – New hair, who dis?! Get a quick make over from our hair stylists at the hair station!
  4. Nail Bar – Nude, colourful, short, long, no matter what you prefer, our nail artists got you covered!
  5. Grazing table – Yum, yum, yum, who doesn’t love a good snack?! Shopping can be exhausting so feel free to snack from our grazing table by Party & Propped Events.


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