Havana home for style bazaar

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Havana Home for Style Bazaar

Yasss! We’re so happy to announce that Havana Home is going to be another brand that will be holding a stall at the Style Bazaar in October!
We believe that every home needs at least one nice candle – but without nasties like paraffin! That’s why we’re big fans of Havana Home, a brand who is striving to bring you the best Australian Made Soy Candles!

Style Bazaar is not only about buying pre-loved fashion by Sydney’s influencers. No, it’s much more than that. It’s about creating a whole new experience, it’s about building solid relationships with brands who deserve it!
That’s why we had a chat with Judith, Owner of Havana Home – a brand that wants to share their story with you.

We asked – they answered

V: What service/products does your brand provide?

ES: We sell Australian made home fragrance products.  Candles, Reed Diffusers, and Bath & Body.  Our products are all hand poured locally are made from non-toxic, vegan, renewable ingredients.  
I design my fragrances based on memories and experiences. All our packaging features original artwork by Australian Female Artists.

V: When and why did you launch your brand?

ES: I created Havana Home because I honestly thought that as consumers, we deserved better than what we were getting.  So many of the candles on the market contain paraffin, synthetic fragrances and are manufactured overseas – and the customers don’t know.  I really hated the fact that there are high ticket items being used in our homes that are really just sub-standard.

V: What did you do before Havana Home?

ES: I’m an Interior Designer, which is why the aesthetics of the candle is also so important to me.  This is why my candles are in simple white glass with minimal branding – so that they can go in any room and make a statement with fragrance, not labeling.

V: What differentiates Havana Home  from other brands?

ES: There are a lot of beautiful home fragrance brands on the market, and many are using renewable waxes like soy and coconut, which is fantastic.  I think the real point of difference for Havana is that my fragrances are truly bespoke; they are created from my experiences for others to enjoy and of course, my stunning packaging.

V: On your website, it says that every one of your fragrances has a story to tell. What’s the story behind the ‘Pink Peppercorn’ soy candle?

ES: I am glad you asked about the Pink Peppercorn, I was discussing it this morning with someone who had the exact same childhood memories as me.  I grew up in regional NSW is a town called Trundle, and one of the great things country kids get to do is play outside in massive spaces.  Playing under Pepper trees is one of my favourite memories; they are large sweeping trees which offer lots of shade.  And they are perfect for climbing, building camps under and hosting tea parties with your dolls.  My mother and her sister had similar stories of tea parties under pepper trees when they were kids.

It’s also the fragrance that made me think of working with artists on the packaging.  I was thinking about the fragrance and my repackaging while washing my hair one morning.  And I thought of Sally Browne who is an incredibly talented artist – could I ask her to create the packaging?  By the time I finished drying my hair I had decided to halt all the work my designer was doing on box design and shift to finding Artworks that would work with my fragrances and of course making sure that all the artists were interested and the legalities covered.  

I had six weeks from that morning to get it all done, printed, and ready to launch.

V: You have about 30 products in development. What can your customers expect to come?

ES: They can expect something new – it is really just me running the show in terms of products – so anytime a customer mentions something they would like – there is a very good chance it will be available in a month or two.  I move fast on ideas.

At the moment I am expanding on the existing eight fragrances that I have by adding new products, but I do have a couple of very exciting things that I hope to have fully developed in the new year.

V: You also collaborate with Australian artists. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

ES: I touched on this earlier the fact that I am celebrating Female Artists.  I had an opportunity through my packaging to highlight the talents of other women, which is so powerful and a great way to “pay it forward” for lack of a better term.  I get to celebrate the art and surround myself in beautiful things, the artist gets more exposure, and the customer gets to own something incredibly beautiful in every way.

V: Do you have any other events, besides the Style Bazaar, coming up?

ES: I have a couple of trade shows coming up, and the Christmas rush makes us very busy as you can imagine.  I am also hosting an art class for some very lucky ladies who fancy giving their creative side a go while sipping champagne.

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Sydney, 21.08.2019

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