everlasting summer for style bazaar

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Everlasting Summer for Style Bazaar

You might have seen on social media already – Everlasting Summer is going to hold a stall at our upcoming event, Style Bazaar.
We are more than excited as the brand is not only Australian made, but also offers natural, vegan & cruelty free products using natural & organic ingredients only! Yasss – we couldn’t love it more!

Style Bazaar is not only about buying pre-loved fashion by Sydney’s influencers. No, it’s much more than that. It’s about creating a whole new experience, it’s about building solid relationships with brands who deserve it!
That’s why we had a chat with Everlasting Summer – a brand that wants to share their story with you.

We asked – they answered

V: What service/products does your brand provide?

ES: Everlasting Summer provides products to assist in self & professional tanning including skin care. This includes: self tanning mousse, body scrubs, body wash. Tan remover mousse etc

V: When and why did you launch your brand?

ES: I launch on 12thJuly 2019 – the story behind my brand: My name is Alyce, the name behind Everlasting Summer, I run this small business on my own sharing my love for Beauty. We are Australian Made, Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free. Our products have been sourced and tested to deliver the highest quality results. With my extensive knowledge in the beauty industry as being a beauty therapist, I wanted to create a product that doesn’t just make your skin look good but be good for you as well from using natural and organic ingredients. Being in the beauty industry I have used A LOT of self tans and skin care. I wanted to create something that works for everyone and share what works for me as that’s what everyone deserves.

V: What did you do before Everlasting Summer?

ES: I’ve worked in highly ranked Day Spa’s and Beauty Salons full time, I didn’t like the commute to Sydney everyday and working for someone else wasn’t making me happy, I thrive off self success and I knew there was something missing in the beauty world when it came to tanning and skin care.

V: What differentiates Everlasting Summer  from other brands?

ES: We are Natural, Vegan and Handmade. We focus on using Natural and Organic ingredients without any hidden nasties.
Our aim is to provide our customers only the best when it comes to skincare. The skin is the largest organ in the human body but is often be the most neglected. We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible to get professional results in the comfort of your own home. So I’ve created something that fits every one’s skincare needs to give results. We are 100% customer focused. Customer Service is something we truly value and we do our absolute best to accommodate each and every person’s needs.

V: What’s your favourite product?

ES: This is such a hard one as each product has their own reasons as to why I love them, but I am quite fond of our Tan remover as I love an easy tan removal ready to tan again ❤

V: How many different product ranges do you offer and can we expect more to come?

ES: We offer two products so far which is our Self Tanner & Body Scrubs, We are about to launch: Tanning Remover, Tanning Water, Body Wash and Lotion. 

V: What do you love most about your work?

ES: I love working for myself, Im always working haha! I still work part time while building up my business to hopefully turn this properly into my full time job. I truly love seeing customers testimonials and photos! I love helping others.

V: Do you have any other events, besides the Style Bazaar, coming up?

ES: We have markets coming up on the central coast and Hunter Valley and Photography photoshoots. 

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Sydney, 11.08.2019

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